Help us Fundraise

We have some amazing supporters who have raised tens of thousands of pounds for us. So how about setting up a fundraiser, so your friends, school or colleagues can get involved and have some fun too!

FUNDRAISING PACK COMING SOON - Click here to register to receive a pack as soon as they're ready.

Here's just some ideas that might help to get you started:

  • Get sponsored for doing something amazing! Running, cycling, swimming, abseiling, or even sky diving for you adrenaline junkies.
  • Get paid for food! Hold a bake sale, afternoon tea, coffee morning or BBQ
  • Get paid for services! Do a mass car wash, or do chores around the house and get paid extra.
  • Get paid for your old stuff! Sell your unwanted books, clothes, games, etc at a car boot sale or have a jumble sale; get your friends to donate unwanted items to sell too.
  • Ask work colleagues to donate an hour or 30 minutes of their pay.
  • Pocket change from your friends! Get a big jar and ask friends and colleagues to put in their loose change.
  • Hold a Games Night: Bring out the competitive spirit and have a trophy or small prize for the winner. It could become an annual event!
  • Hold a Quiz Night: Charge teams to enter, hire a community centre and even provide fish & chips (maybe get them sponsored).
  • Raffles/Auctions: Always easy and popular - get some brilliant prizes (ones that "money can't buy" are the best).
  • Hold a Treasure Hunt! This could be in one house or covering a local town or area. Get people to prove they've been places by taking photos on their mobiles. Just make sure that people can't easily Google the answers!!
  • Write a Story Contest: Get your friends, colleagues or your entire school to write a short story about a theme (swans, maybe?), A small entry fee will go towards raising funds. Get a local bookshop to donate a prize (vouchers?) and also to be the judge - it'll be great publicity for them too.
  • Sponsored Silence or Give Up Something: Whether it's being quiet for 24 hours, or giving up chocolate for an entire month, then get sponsored to do it.
  • Double your fundraising efforts by asking your boss to match what you fundraise.
  • And finally - publicise your fundraising! Let your local paper know what you're doing - take loads of photos and videos and put them on social media (tagging Swan Lifeline). Good luck!